2017 Bass Phillip

Phillip Jones Grapes

Established in 1979 by Phillip Jones, Bass Phillip specialises in producing world-class Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Driven by their respect for nature and biodynamic farming, grape growing and winemaking are uncompromising in their attention to detail and quality.

Low intervention in the vineyard and in the cellar permits the wines to show flavours and characteristics of the region – length, complexity, balanced acidity, lovely minerality, and with a certain polish and character that makes them truly extraordinary vintage after vintage.
This week we have what Jones thinks is his best Pinot and Chardonnay ever made with their 2017 release, but, as usual with these cult wines, they tend to go quickly, so first in best dressed.

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Estate Chardonnay - $68
This wine is full of fruit richness which has a fruit-sweet edge (not sugar). Acidity and end-of-palate grip are subtly tucked-in behind the fruits, but they fill the palate and add completeness and balance. Easy drinking on its own or suitable with seafoods and pasta.

Premium Chardonnay - $92
Fully integrated, complex blend of stone fruits, nuts and soft oak, riding on top of a balanced acidic backbone. Very long-flavoured, lingers cleanly on your palate. This section of the vineyard is now 38 years of age: it is now delivering a very complete wine. This is the most complex but seamless chardonnay we have made. Will improve over the next six to ten years. Despite resting in 100% new oak for fifteen months, the oak component is unobtrusive at present and is likely to be unnoticeable within a couple of years. This wine will develop into a fine, long, subtle and complex wine.
Crown Prince Pinot Noir - $62
A broad spectrum of rich fruits sitting on a platform of complex acidity, which make this wine very food-friendly. Without the great length of our top three pinots, this Crown Prince lingers with clean, spicey, complex flavours …. very satisfying on its own or with most main-course dishes. Suitable to drink now, or over the next five years.

Estate Pinot Noir - $85
This wine is a good example of the 2017 vintage,  with rich fruits, high-toned perfume, full acidity and balanced tannins:  a lingering, fruitful finish. This can be enjoyed immediately, but will improve over a considerable time in the cellar. It is probably our best Estate pinot ever made. With 35 to 38 year old vines making up the majority of the fruit, the Estate pinot is regularly delivering improved quality and richness. Reminiscent of Nuits St Georges!  Price has gone up, but so has the quality!

Bin 17K Pinot Noir - $105
A softer wine than our Estate vineyard production, but with heady perfume, spice and growing flavour at the end. Located only 250 metres from our best vineyard, the wines display a different structure and form,  with lingering flavour and very gentle tannins. The richness of fruits in 2017 show in this wine: it is quite a long-flavoured mouthful! Needs a few years in the cellar: it may be at its best at eight to ten years.

Premium Pinot Noir - $215
This vintage of Premium displays raw power, richness and complexity. It’s pretty hard to describe because at this young age, so much is going on! There is a multitude of fruits interacting above the underlying “terroir” features of damp forests; fungi; herbs and spices.  The 100% new oak is unobtrusive but complements with its added complexity. This is one of our best “Premiums” ever.

Reserve Pinot Noir - $725
This is the most complete wine we have made, with subdued richness and power, multi-layered complex fruits, long soft tannins: perfectly in balance, and drawn deeply into the back palate with tangy acidity and extremely complex secondary flavours (spices; herbs; damp forests; etc). This wine could live and improve over three decades, but it can be enjoyed now if you breathe it (that is, just remove the cork) for four to five hours. Don't touch it within the first two hours!   Back-palate flavours will develop fully with long-term cellaring.

*all tasting notes from the Estate
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