2018 Timo Mayer

bloody hill

The beguiling and intriguing wines of Timo Mayer have always had a special place in our hearts here at The Wine Emporium and his 2018 vintage is no different. Purity and elegance await you, with a profound respect for each individual varietal characteristics. The Pinots are absolutely terrific, but what really caught our eye were both the Syrah and the Cabernet - they're in such a beautiful place at the moment with balance and incredible drinkability. We went as long as we could, but the wines are in limited availability and are bound to go quickly, so first come, first served. All the details below. Enjoy!

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Bloody Hill Pinot Noir - $26
"...a strong contender for best value wine I have seen in years. Freakishly good. Turned earth, wet slate, screech of tyres on bitumen quickly whipped away to dark and sour cherries, black plum. I love it. The palate is sinewy, touched up with more earth and slate characters, a slip-slide of booze-y cherries underlying, finishing tight, smoky and firm, but very long. Character, intensity and drive are writ large, it’s an incredibly serious and satisfying wine for the bucks." - 95 Points, The Wine Front

Pinot Noir - $50
"This is the ‘Close Planted’ designated wine, of the past. In-your-face perfume of strawberry and raspberry, cherry jam, faint white pepper, almond nutty-savoury. Palate is very fine, ultra fresh, delicate yet bursts forth with all that red berry sweetness but that whips away quickly to almost elemental, pulverised gravel and granite mineral sorts of things. A wine to savour, it feels like quality and interest personified. It’s fantastic." - 95 Points, The Wine Front

The Doktor Pinot Noir - $50
"This is 100% whole bunch, hence it becomes the ‘Dr’ label in the pinots of Timo Mayer. Pepper and clove scents over ripe cherry, pomegranate juice and a whiff of Campari. Light Negroni-like flavours in the best kind of way, but the wine is fine-boned, sheathed in a leisurely web of skinsy tannin with pepper and green herb savourinesss accompanying fine, fresh, gently sweet-sour cherry and cranberry flavours. Sleek, long, elegant are good words too. The texture is superb, the drinkability riotous. Savour this." - 95 Points, The Wine Front

Cabernet Sauvignon - $50
“It’s 100% whole bunch fermented, “this is cabernet as it should be, sell it to pinot noir drinkers. That’s how I like to encourage it, cabernet made in a pinot cellar”. Pepper, green and white, whiff of beetroot, then the cassis, sweet and pretty. Lovely start through the perfume. Mouth-filling with sweet, berry-jammy fruit flavours with a corkscrew of fine, silty tannins. Flavours, exotic and intriguing, shift around the palate nervously. Tongue darts to seek out sweet, chewy, peppery, green. Wild style here, but it’s such a blast, and there’s a distinct slinkiness to the wine. Drink up.” - 93 Points, The Wine Front

Syrah - $50
"From the top of the hill in Timo Mayer’s elevated vineyard in the Yarra Valley. This is 100% whole bunch, ten days carbonic macerated then jumped on and macerated for a further ten days. Timo Mayer jumping on grapes is a wonderful thing to see, or imagine. Shows a kind of ‘dried brown spice’ aroma, clove/cinnamon/garam masala sorta vibe, with those freeze-dried raspberries, that kids eat, also smashed in. Indeed, it kinda smells dry, before your first sip, if you can project that. Sloshes in the palate more than expected, loose knit sense but there’s a firm, lacy ribcage of tannins, and acidity is ultra-perky and refreshing. Sweet fruit feel too. Fresh and fun and sleek. Very good drinking." - 93 Points,  The Wine Front

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