Mount Mary Dinner

mt mary in the mnist

For what will be our last wine dinner of the year we have something truly exciting for you - winemaker Sam Middleton, from legendary Mount Mary Vineyards, is with us to host an exclusive dinner and tasting at Corella Restaurant. Join us on Tuesday the 22nd of October for an unforgettable evening, with sublime food (we were there last week for a function and it was absolutely divine!) and the superlative wines of the estate, including many back vintages, and a look at their brilliant new releases. You'll find the menu and the wines below (and boy do the notes read well!), alongside booking information. Places are limited, so we encourage you to move quickly. See you there!


Bookings are handled through Phil at The Wine Emporium and payment will be required at the time of the reservation. You can contact him on 07 3252 1117 or email Phil at

Where: Corella, 62 Logan Road, Woolloongabba, 4102
When: Tuesday 22nd of October, 6.30pm Arrival for 7.00pm sit down
Cost: $199 per person


On Arrival
2014 Triolet
"I described last year’s release as “quality with a charming face”. This release is in the same mould. It oozes drinkability and yet it doesn’t leave sophistication behind. It’s textural too: it’s one of those whites that just feels good as it rolls through your mouth. Grapefruit is to the fore, some lemongrass too, a slip of smokiness, minor florals/rosewater, a bit of grip. It’s pristine but not clinical; it’s firm and yet it gives up plenty of flavour.  It’s hard not to be both delighted and impressed." - 93+ Points, The Wine Front

2017 Triolet
"A top shelf Triolet. So discreet and stylish, yet flavoursome too. Lemon and lime, white pear, fennel and aromatic herbs, floral perfume too, some spiced vanilla biscuit. A subtle gloss to it, but all about line, length and flinty texture, there may be a little guava, pine-lime and apple, but citrus is the main player. Subtle grassy flavour, but nothing overt; it’s a seasoning component here. Brine and crunch to the aftertaste. Impeccable." - 96 Points, The Wine Front

First Course
gnocchi, snow peas, pea puree, lardo, cheddar
2013 Chardonnay
"Incredible concentration. Feel the power. It’s really quite exquisite. Glowing straw colour with a vibrant and clear tinge of green. Rich grapefruit, oatmeal and stonefruit before a steely, chalky finish. Substance and style. Spicy oak turns it all onto high beam. About as wonderful an expression of old vine Yarra Valley chardonnay as you could imagine." - 96+ Points, The Wine Front

2017 Chardonnay
"It’s a tight one in 2017, that’s for sure. Lime, lemon and lemon curd, vanilla yoghourt, almond, just a little stuck match. It’s racy but flavoursome, bites down pretty firmly, and doesn’t really let go. Intense quartz-like texture and juicy lime acidity pulses through citrus and tangy pineapple, the finish long and slightly spicy, all chalk and mouth-watering goodness. Hooray for Mount Mary Chardonnay." - 96 Points, The Wine Front

duck liver parfait, brioche, mulberries
2017 Pinot Noir
"There’s a lot to get your nose around here, that’s for sure. Poached strawberry, raspberry, cherry, mint, spice, chocolate coated marzipan, dried roses, autumnal things, creamy cedar oak. It’s juicy and sweetly fruited, perfumed and succulent, tannin is buried but grips with graphite surety, acidity fresh and like just-picked berries and tangerines, silty and perfumed on the finish. It’s not backwards in coming forward, yet has a latent power and fragrance that will stand it in good stead with considerable bottle age. Excellent release. More to come." - 95+ Points, The Wine Front

Second Course
wagyu, black faro, aubergine puree, brussel sprout
2010 Quintet
"Whoowee, dig this perfume. Really complex aroma spectrum – immediately engaging too. Cassis, dark fruits, touch of briar herbal lift, flash of mint, chocolatey and stubbed out cigar embers. At once cool and rich. Slender ribbons of fruit, acid and fine bony tannin across the palate. Has that succulent but strict feel, like sucking on a hard lolly as it diminishes. Beautiful, medium-bodied feel too – the wine finishes long and pure, eddying with the linger of tannin and powdered slate-like minerality. It’s in that zone of refreshment and elegance, where a repeat visit to the glass is effortless but there’s lots to explore in texture and flavour. Could be a contender for best cabernet (and cabernet blend) for me for the year." - 95 Points, The Wine Front

2016 Quintet
"Such perfume. Such finesse. It’s a flat out joy to smell, and to taste. Violets, cedar, red and black fruits, tobacco, pencils, marzipan and aniseed. Just into medium-bodied, well-etched and sure-footed, much like the kitten, who’s tongue the tannin sports. Delightful flavour of small red (mainly) and black berries, deft and precise, with a finish that’s long and crisp, which leaves no doubt about the quality of this wine. Line and length. Fragrance and poise. Subtle, yet thoroughly persuasive. Gentle rasp of tannin cleans the mouth. It’s a rare bird, this Cabernet." - 97 Points, The Wine Front

2017 Quintet
"Such perfume. It’s head spinningly fragrant. I’m thinking violet, cigar box, nougat, spicy biscuits, mint, chocolate and sweet wet earth, along with a core of intense raspberry, cherry and blackcurrant. It’s medium bodied, lithe but dense, rich cherry chocolate sprinkled with baking spices, crisp cranberry acidity, high pixel tannin, sweetness of fruit with a savoury ferrous edge. The finish is supremely long, all graphite and perfume, crisp definition and aniseed trailing in the aftertaste. Fine and rare." - 97 Points, The Wine Front

Cheese Course
comté 18 months, jura, france
section 28 fontina, adelaide hills, south australia


Bookings are handled through Phil at The Wine Emporium and payment will be required at the time of the reservation. You can contact him on 07 3252 1117 or email Phil at


Liquor Licence 36128212. WARNING under the Liqour Control Reform Act 1998 it is an ofence to supply alcohol to a person under the age of 18 years (Penalty exceeds $6,000) for a person under the age of 18 years to purchase or receive liquor (Penalty exceends $500)