Château Grand Boise Offer

Grand Boise Cezanne

The Sainte-Victoire appellation is nestled at the foot of the eponymous Montagne, a few kilometres from Aix-en-Provence - sheltered to the south by the Monts Auréliens and the Sainte-Baume Mountain Range, its location make it more of a continental climate than a mediterranean one, and that peculiarity is reflected in the wines. What is arguably the best estate in the appellation is Château Grand Boise, the focus of this week's offer. The earliest record of wine growing here is from 1610 and tradition is a big part of their game - certified organic, hand-worked land and even some centenarian vines. Add to that limestone rich soils, a state of the art, gravity-fed winery and that beautiful light reflected from the Montagne Sainte-Victoire that Cézanne worked so hard to capture and you end up with wines of elegance, complexity and detail. We certainly all fell in love with the Grand Boise wines here and cannot recommend them enough. All the details below. Enjoy!


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2017 Côtes de Provence Blanc - $39
100% Vermentino
A revelation when tasted recently, the Grand Boise Cotes de Provence blanc is both adorable and compelling. Extremely fine in its construct, featuring elegant white citrus fruits and sea-breeze-like saltiness.

2017 Sainte-Victoire Rosé - $42
Magical rosé, emblematic of the Sainte Victoire appellation.  There's a delicacy typical to these wines, an almost umami quality running under the palate, around humming acidity and a slatey mineral feel.  There's also a tropical fruit character at play, think guava skins, alongside watermelon, gooseberries, white pepper and grapefruit.  Distinctive, long, elegant and wonderfully complex.
*Limited stock on hand - more coming!*

2017 Sainte-Victoire Rosé 'Jadis' - $54
*century old vines
Naturally, hugely complex and long.  Wild strawberries, violets, orange peel, saffron, plum and raspberry flavours build across the palate, with the wine remaining fresh and cleansing in the mouth.  Herbs round out a cool and crisp finish, absolutely a style for creative food matching for dishes such as duck, game birds, shellfish, pork belly and plenty more.

2015 Sainte-Victoire Rouge - $38
50% Grenache, 40% Syrah, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon
Bright as a button, a contemporary, clean and fresh style, atypical to the many rustic, saline and garrigue driven reds of the region.  We're reticent to use the word 'modern' as this often implies 'oak monster', but it certainly has an up to the minute feel in the 'freshness and drinkability' school.  The Grenache component is actually unoaked due to the natural fruit tannins, with the Syrah and Cabernet receiving 12 months in new 500L casks.  Dense of fruit, with blackberries, black currants and cherries folded through the palate, it's a fine style with great length underpinned by velvety tannins.

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