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2018 Hoddles Creek Pinot Noir

Hoddles Vines

Hoddles Creek Estate was established in 1997 when the D'Anna family decided to plant a vineyard on the property that had been in the family since 1960. Sitting astride Gembrook Road and adjacent Hoddles Creek, its steeply sloping blocks prohibit mechanical harvesting, with both vineyards being hand pruned and harvested to ensure optimal quality. All that hard work does not translate to exorbitant prices though, with their excellent Estate Pinot proving year after year to be an absolute bargain for the quality of the wine. This week we have Franco's cracking 2018 vintage on offer and we are, yet again, very much taken with the wine. Enjoy!

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Luciano Sandrone

Sandrone Vines

This year's harvest marked Luciano Sandrone's 40th vintage under his own label (with many more beforehand as a grape grower). This spectacular achievement underlines how much of a revered and iconic producer he has become over the years, from virtually pioneering single cru wines in the region to producing consistently dazzling offerings year after year, the estate's offerings never cease to impress. We were lucky to taste Luciano’s wines just recently, and are proud to offer the stunning 2014 release both in bottle and MAGNUM, plus the rare Sibi et Paucis museum wines - all the details below. Enjoy!

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Famille Brunier

Palais des papes

Since 1891 the Brunier Family has been tending vines and making wines in Southern Rhône, from their famous and age-worthy La Crau  in Châteauneuf-du-Pape to the juicy and approachable Pigeoulet in the Vaucluse. The former is probably the most pedigreed vineyard of the appellation, producing powerful, elegant wines (from 60 year old vines!) that will cellar beautifully.

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