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2016 Faiveley Releases

faiveley cellar

The highly anticipated 2016 Domaine Faiveley wines have just been released from the estate, and this week we are pleased to offer you the chance to buy them at pre-arrival prices.
Allen Meadows (as extracted below from his website 
www.burghound.com) comments on another evolution in the style at the Domaine, noting that while Faiveley have preferred picking their grapes relatively early for the last decade, they have now begun to delay their picking date by a few days resulting in more ample wines with rounder, sweeter tannins - and we think that this is a brilliant development!

Some of the wines are very limited, however please place your ideal order and we will go to every effort to fill your requests. Enjoy!

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Paolo Bea Offer

paolo bea bottles

Umbria is home to beautiful wine appellations unfortunately often overshadowed by neighbouring Tuscany and Lazio, but the region produces some exemplary Sangiovese and deep and complex wines from native Sagrantino.  This week we are proud to be able to offer you a glimpse into the area with the absolutely stunning wines of Paolo Bea - one of the foremost Umbrian producer and certainly amongst the best natural winemaker in Italy. Enjoy!

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Alphonse Mellot Sancerre

Mellot Bike

Chiseled, stony, mineral, powerful, atypical - these are all words that could  be used to describe the remarkable wines of Sancerre's Domaine Alphonse Mellot. For almost two hundred years now, the family has been crafting what has been hailed as the most brilliant and pure illustrations of the genius of the Sauvignon grape - and this week we are extremely happy to be able to offer you the Domaine's electrifying new releases. Enjoy!

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