Christmas Lunch Wine Pairing

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With Christmas lunch coming up very quickly, we've decided to help you figure out wine pairing - from seafood, to ham, roasts and desserts, we have something for you!

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Everyone likes fresh seafood and it's a staple on many tables at Christmas. Here you'll find crisp whites and light bubbles to match this beautiful Australian produce.

2016 Domaine Gitton Sancerre Les Montachins - $33
Light and easy Sancerre, clean, crisp and nicely fruity. An excellent match and traditional match to oysters.

2018 Grosset Springvale Watervale Riesling  - $37
A classic Australian wine, full of zippy lemons and limes with beautiful floral aromatics. Will work perfectly with cold prawns and fish salads.

NV Veuve Fourny Blanc de Blancs - $55
Seriously delicious blanc de blancs, elegant and pure and an ideal match to oysters warm (in Champagne sauce!) and cold, will also work wonderfully with fish salads and cold crustaceans.


Be it hot or cold, ham is always a crowd favourite and so easy to prepare and present. Here you'll find some ideas to match that perfectly cooked off the bone ham.

2014 Château de Mamin Graves Blanc  - $24.50
Round, forward and  creamy - plus a bit of age on this Bordeaux white gives it texture and sweet oak tannins that will pair nicely with the saltiness of the ham.

NV Lustau Papirusa Manzanilla - $28
Think outside the box and go for sherry! Dry, light, fragrant, with hints of nuts and a nice zesty finish. Would shine on a melon and ham salad.

NV Bleasdale Sparkling Shiraz - $22
Rich and fruity, this is a classic Australian match!

2018 Spinifex Papillon Grenache Blend - $24
Fresh, juicy and fruity Grenache blend that will work with either cold ham or roasted ham. We recommend chilling it for 30 minutes before serving.

2015 Domaine Gitton Sancerre Les Romains Pinot Noir - $30
Bright and fruity, easy and light on its feet, with beautiful floral notes. Perfect for a glazed ham.

2016 Horse Flowers Tavel Rosé - $38
Although considered a Rosé, Tavel should be treated more like a chilled red. Bright fruit, good palate weight and whispers of tannins - it's a tasty little wine that is super versatile food-wise.

2016 Domaine de la Vougeraie Bourgogne Rouge “Terres de Famille”  - $60
Lush, ripe and open Pinot Noir. A beautiful example of entry level Burgundy that punches above its weight and will be great with a roasted ham.


If you're braving the warm weather and roasting poultry or pork, this is the spot where you'll find all sorts of wine ideas.

2018 Rochford Latitude Range Pinot Noir -$19
Aromatic and bright, with hints of flowers and spice. Perfect on a roasted chook.

2016 Mickael Gelder Bordeaux Rouge - $21
Pleasant and unpretentious, this little Cabernet and Merlot blend is perfect on its own as an afternoon wine, but will match roasted poultry superbly.

2017 Exopto “Bozeto de Exopto” Rioja - $24
Great Grenache blend from Spain. Beautiful fruit and texture, quite versatile as it can match both roasted birds and pork.

2015 Louis Max Beaujolais Villages - $25
Crunchy fruit and softly textured, another great match for roasted chicken or turkey. We suggest chilling it for 30 minutes before serving.

2017 Dalrymple Pinot Noir - $30
Spicy, savoury and fresh, this gorgeous Tasmanian Pinot is a flawless match to an herbed pork roast.

2015 Sandhi Santa Barbara County Chardonnay - $44.50
Chardonnay and roast pork are a match made in heaven! This example of Californian Chardonnay is full of aromas of poached pear, fresh peach and hints of smoke, balanced by an excellent freshness.


From pavlovas to fruit cakes, we've got you covered!

NV Campbells Rutherglen Muscat - $20 (375ml)
Luscious and exotic - the perfect extension to a passion fruit pavlova.

2015 Château Rieussec "Carmes de Rieussec" Sauternes - $33 (375ml)
Lemony and lifted, light on its feet, but still quite rich with beautiful marmalade and candied ginger aromas. Superb with a pavlova and other fruit-themed desserts, and lighter-style Christmas puddings. Amazing with cheese.

2009 Fonseca Vintage Port - $63.50 (375ml)
Full-bodied and powerful, this decadently delicious Port will be a match to the heavier style of Christmas puddings, chocolate-based desserts and, of course, cheese!

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