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By Farr New Releases

By Farr Barrel

We have always loved the wines of Nick and Gary Farr here at The Wine Emporium, but this time around it's something different - we were totally smitten with the quality of their latest releases, and also with the sheer pleasure we derived from tasting them so early in what can be their very long lives. We were so taken with them, that we HAD to share them with you before seeing any third party reviews. Powerful and complex, with elegance and refinement, the whole range is truly spectacular, but the standouts are most certainly both Côte Vineyard Chardonnay and Pinot, and the breath-taking Tout Pres.

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Château Grand Boise Offer

Grand Boise Cezanne

The Sainte-Victoire appellation is nestled at the foot of the eponymous Montagne, a few kilometres from Aix-en-Provence - sheltered to the south by the Monts Auréliens and the Sainte-Baume Mountain Range, its location make it more of a continental climate than a mediterranean one, and that peculiarity is reflected in the wines. What is arguably the best estate in the appellation is Château Grand Boise, the focus of this week's offer. The earliest record of wine growing here is from 1610 and tradition is a big part of their game - certified organic, hand-worked land and even some centenarian vines. Add to that limestone rich soils, a state of the art, gravity-fed winery and that beautiful light reflected from the Montagne Sainte-Victoire that Cézanne worked so hard to capture and you end up with wines of elegance, complexity and detail. We certainly all fell in love with the Grand Boise wines here and cannot recommend them enough. All the details below. Enjoy!

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Castell d'Encus Offer

Castell d'Encus Stone Vat

Sitting 1100 metres above sea level in the heart of the Catalan Pyrénées, the estate makes good use of a medieval vat carved out of the rock of the mountain itself sometime in the 12th Century. The resulting wines are chiseled, precise, fragrant and embrace their gentle stony minerality - this cult winery is unfortunately not yet well known in Australia, but we plan to change that! 

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