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2016 Faiveley Releases

faiveley cellar

The highly anticipated 2016 Domaine Faiveley wines have just been released from the estate, and this week we are pleased to offer you the chance to buy them at pre-arrival prices.
Allen Meadows (as extracted below from his website 
www.burghound.com) comments on another evolution in the style at the Domaine, noting that while Faiveley have preferred picking their grapes relatively early for the last decade, they have now begun to delay their picking date by a few days resulting in more ample wines with rounder, sweeter tannins - and we think that this is a brilliant development!

Some of the wines are very limited, however please place your ideal order and we will go to every effort to fill your requests. Enjoy!

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2016 Mount Mary Release

Mount Mary Vines in the mist

For almost 50 years now the Middleton Family has crafted some of the Yarra's most iconic wines. The 2016 vintage, their latest release, is no exception, garnering praise from critics both internationally and nationally, with Gary Walsh of The Wine Front stating that winemaker Sam Middleton is leading this grand estate to new heights!

This week we are very excited to be able to offer out Mount Mary's magnificent new releases at pre-arrival prices. Enjoy!

To purchase any of the products in today's newsletter please give us a call on (07) 3252 1117, or email info@thewineemporium.com.au. Prices Valid until 11.10.18 and wines due to arrive first week of November.

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D.E. Defaix Chablis

Blanchot vineyard

Daniel-Étienne Defaix could easily be dismissed as an oddball; he keeps his white wine in tanks for extended periods of time, handles his juices oxidatively and lets the fermentation go for months on end. Agreed, it's not conventional, but he's making wine as his grandfather made wine and all those manipulations are backed by 14 generations of Defaix know-how. 

Today we are very happy to be able to bring you some aged 1ers and Grands Crus that are coming straight from Defaix's cellars. Don't miss your chance to taste those unique wines at our special pre-arrival prices. Enjoy!

To purchase any of the products give us a call on (07) 3252 1117, or email info@thewineemporium.com.au. Prices valid until 04.10.18. Wines are due to arrive mid-October. 

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