The Team of The Wine Emporium

Rob Lavelle

Robert Lavelle

Assistant Manager

Rob has worked in the hospitality industry for over 15 years, amassing vast experience in luxury hotels, award-winning cocktail lounges, wine bars and quality à la carte restaurants in Brisbane and the Middle East. His experience in the field has been invaluable – if you need help pairing wine and food, organising wine selections for functions or if you need cocktail or beer information, he’s your man. Rob also hosts our popular Wine Appreciation Classes and is available for private functions. Rob is a jack of all trades who oversees our selection of craft beer and spirits alongside a deep love for Australian and New Zealand wines.

Charlie McKenzie

Charlie McKenzie

General Manager 

With over 40 years in the hospitality trade there is little Charlie doesn’t know about fine wine, high-end spirits or craft beers. Hailing from Victoria, Charlie has worked as a manager in the bar and hospitality-retail trade Australia wide. Charlie brought his vast and enviable experience to The Wine Emporium becoming General Manager in 2007. Whether you need advice about rum based cocktails, vintage champagnes and everything in-between Charlie knows what you need instantly. He is also a Geelong Cats supporter - Go Cats!

Phil Stanton

Phil Stanton

Fine Wine Consultant / IT Guy

Born and raised in Montreal, Canada and a native French speaker, Phil has worked for many years in the hospitality industry while studying a variety of subjects like literature, history and audio engineering. Attending a tasting in Montreal where Margaux and Palmer were poured changed his life and he dropped everything to study sommelerie under the tutelage of two preeminent wine personalities of the region. He then moved to Bordeaux for a 6 months winemaking apprenticeship at Château de Chantegrive that ended up with him staying there for three years. Discovering another facet of the wine industry that he found fascinating, he made the decision to move to Australia to pursue a B.ASc in Wine Sciences at Charles Sturt University. Phil loves French wines, with a strong focus on Bordeaux and the Rhône Valley.


Brent Williamson

Fine Wine Consultant

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